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If you earned a degree from one of our schools, you are now eligible to audit a class each year at that school—or another of our schools—for free!

We're committed to serving you as an alumnus and enabling you to pursue lifelong learning. Because of this commitment, we're now offering:

  • BCA grads a free audited college on-campus class
  • College grads a free audited college or seminary on-campus class
  • Seminary grads a free audited seminary on-campus class

It gets even better! Students who graduated with a bachelor's degree from our college at least 2 academic years ago (and have not since taken a seminary course on campus) can now take an on-campus seminary class for credit with a full tuition scholarship. We want to introduce you to Briercrest Seminary and give you an opportunity to sharpen your ministry skills. That's a significant cost savings, and most seminary courses are offered in modular (one-week long) format so they can fit into your busy schedule.

Register today for a free college or seminary class of your choice. Class sizes are limited, so don't delay!

For more information, please contact the Admissions office at 1.800.667.5199 or

To apply, please complete this application form and submit it to or
fax 306.912.7862.

Limit one scholarship per person for each school year. We may need to reserve seating availability if courses are full. Free audit cannot be converted to a half-price course for credit. This may be a limited time offer. Distance Education courses are not included. This program does not apply to college or seminary certificate graduates or Associate of Arts diploma graduates.

Having knowledge from Briercrest has been phenomenal in assisting with things in my ministry that I never would have figured out before. I think this is the best place I have ever been. The format is incredible and the teachers are incredible.
Capt The Rev Eric Davis (Seminary)