Tuesday, July 6, 2021

COVID-19 Update Summer 2021


As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 virus, Briercrest will continue to follow all mandatory public health orders and occupational health and safety guidelines. 

We encourage all our staff and students to do adequate research prior to getting their COVID-19 vaccination. We recognize the benefits of a fully immunized community, but also recognize that it is a personal decision to receive the vaccination. Vaccinations will not be mandatory for attendance or work this fall. 

We once again anticipate employing screening and testing in September as part of our staged return to normal.

Our COVID Committee will monitor the virus situation closely and in early August will communicate the guidelines for September’s start up to our students.


Don Taylor, DTh
Provost & Dean of the College

What you need to know


Briercrest College
Briercrest Christian Academy


Fall 2020 Course Delivery
  • Briercrest Christian Academy and Briercrest College will provide on campus, in-person programs this fall.
  • Briercrest Seminary is offering its programs online for Fall 2020
  • The Kaléo Program is proceeding with its Fall 2020 semester in accordance with B.C. Health Guidelines. Details
Check In Days
  • For Briercrest College, student check-in day is Monday, September 7th
  • For Briercrest Christian Academy, student check-in day is Tuesday, September 8th
Campus Facilities
  • All Briercrest facilities are currently closed to the public.
  • The Husky, Subway, and Pilgrim Centre Coffee Shop remain open, but there is no longer in-store dining in these locations.
  • The Archibald Library is open as of September 8th. To review our services for off campus students, please visit For research assistance, or to ask questions, please email

  • All events at Briercrest are cancelled for the foreseeable future.
General Information

For COVID-19 information from the Province of Saskatchewan, please use the links below.


Updates will be posted regularly as Briercrest’s status and/or circumstances change amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Briercrest is proceeding in line with the directives of the Saskatchewan Health Authority in its commitment to the safety of the members of our Briercrest community.

My studies at Briercrest have convinced me of the necessity of joining the work of the academy to the life of the Church.
Stephanie Chase (Seminary)